Slow Computer? Here Are 4 Ways To Speed It Up

Businesses are fast-paced environments and the computers being utilized must be equally as efficient. When the computers at your SMB (small and medium-sized business) are not functioning at peak performance, this could negatively impact the productivity of your employees and business operations. That’s why it’s imperative to the success of your business to find a solution to the computer’s slow speed promptly. While it may be that your SMB’s computers are antiquated and that’s why they’re running slowly, there is also an additional number of causes for the lagging.

Micro Computer Consulting IT support professionals have expert solutions on how to restore PC computers to have them run smoothly and keep businesses in action. Here are the four-speed solutions for you to try.

Update The Computer’s Memory

The most efficient way to boost the PC’s speed is to install a memory module. Having a memory module installed to the desktop computers at your office is relatively inexpensive and an effective way to extend the lifespan of the computer. The cover of the desktop must be removed, then the module can be inserted in the motherboard. Upgrading the memory is especially practical for businesses, as employees are inputting and outputting large amounts of information into the computers daily.

Get Rid Of Malware

Malware can be an insidious threat to a computer’s performance. If the computers at your business have malware, it’s crucial for you to act immediately. When you hire Micro Computer Consulting, our IT infrastructure setup will set up your business operations server, firewall and enable effective cybersecurity. Our IT services will keep your business computer operations running without complication to keep the focus on productivity and success. 

Delete Any Irrelevant Programs

A few programs downloaded onto a computer may not seem like they would occupy a lot of space on the device. However, programs can take up a significant amount of the computer’s memory. Have your employees delete the programs that are not necessary for their specific work off of their computers to have a fresh slate and ample storage. With programs deleted, the computers should run much more efficiently with extra memory from the memory module for the programs necessary to complete tasks. 

Disable Special Effects and Animations

With newer updates and advanced features, many PC computers can begin to function much slower, especially if they’re a few years older. If special effects or animations are not a necessary component of your work, disable them from the computers and you will notice a change in performance.

Micro Computer Consulting’s IT service professionals provide effective computer solutions for your business to ensure it runs optimally. Whether you desire IT operations for the computers at your enterprise, system maintenance, cybersecurity, or cloud services, we guarantee a solution for it all. With over 30 years of IT support expertise, our highly qualified staff will deliver long-term solutions you will always be satisfied with.

Dec 20, 2019 By Mccinc IT Consulting Toronto

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