Four Types Of Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is crucial to protecting a computer’s hardware, software, network systems and data from cyber breaches. Without a reliable, secure cyber solution in place, cybercriminals can, often easily, access a computer system and misuse your information, along with your company’s information. With such a high dependency on internet access and computers during this time, it’s imperative for each computer owner, especially businesses, to have viable security plans in place to keep them protected.

In this article, Micro Computer Consulting breaks down the various types of cybersecurity solutions that can keep your data and privacy safe.

1. Critical Infrastructure Security

Critical infrastructure security involves cyber-physical solutions that modern-day technology and society highly relies on. Some of examples where this type of cybersecurity plan is used include:

  • Electricity grid
  • Water purification
  • Traffic lights
  • Malls
  • Hospitals

Businesses that are responsible for certain infrastructures should ensure they protect it against vulnerabilities and cyber hacks. Critical infrastructure security offers high security and resilience and can evaluate how a hack to critical infrastructure will affect the business.

2. Application Security

Application security is a must-have safety and security measure for computer systems. This type of security system uses both software and hardware tactics to manage external threats that may occur during the development stage of an application system. Applications are far more easily accessible than networks, which is why application security is imperative to have. The common types of application security include:

  • Antivirus programs
  • Firewall
  • Encryption programs

These measures help keep unauthorized users out and away from your private information and data. Companies may also be able to detect unreliable, sensitive information assets and protect them through certain measures attached to these data systems. 

3. Network Security

Network security protects against unauthorized access to your computer’s internal networks in the event of malicious intent and threats. This form of cybersecurity ensures that internal networks are safe and secure by protecting its infrastructure and preventing access to it. Security teams are utilizing machine learning to detect abnormal online traffic and alert any threat to the business in real time. Network administrators continue to create innovative technologies and implement policies to prevent cyberattacks or exploitation of a network. Some examples of network security policy implementations include:

  • New passwords
  • Extra logins
  • Application security solutions 

4. Cloud Security

Cloud security has risen in popularity due to it being an accessible, software-based security solution which protects and monitors important data within the cloud. Cloud providers implement new security measures to allow enterprise users with more reliable security for their data. Cloud security is more affordable and less time-consuming than traditional onsite data centers.

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Apr 10, 2020 By Mccinc IT Consulting Toronto

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