Essential Cybersecurity Tips For Small To Medium Organizations

Cybersecurity is a fundamental component in keeping organizations of all sizes safe and secure. In this digital age with a myriad of technological advancements, cybercriminals have more complicated ways of targeting and accessing business cyber activities. That is why it is crucial for small to medium organizations to take action and apply effective cybersecurity practices to prevent a breach. 

How can your company avoid being vulnerable to a cyber breach? Micro Computer Consulting has the essential cybersecurity tips below:

1. Have Two Incident Response Copies

Develop an incident response plan that designates certain individuals in your company on how to actively respond to cybersecurity breaches. Keep both a digital and hard copy of your incident response plan. The document should have detailed information for individuals on how to manage cybersecurity interference, inform external parties and comply with necessary cybersecurity breach instruction. Hiring a professional cybersecurity company, such as Micro Computer Consulting, guarantees access to advanced technology and technicians that will help prevent cyber breaches and attacks by providing you with an effective incident response plan.

2. Install A Firewall

A firewall is an excellent, effective first line of defense tool against cyber attacks. A firewall can be used to defend against threats and additional attacks. However, a firewall cannot be the only layer of protection an organization uses. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) suggests that all small to medium organizations should set up their firewalls to secure their networks and act as a barrier against cybercrime traffic. It’s also necessary for your business to have additional anti-malware software and back up data to act as an additional line of defense.

3. Strong, Multifaceted User Authentication

It’s common for employees to make a slight mistake which can, unfortunately, lead to a cybersecurity breach. Multi-factor user identification for financial accounts, cloud systems, system administrators and senior accounts should have a strong user authentication system. Micro Computer Consulting Managed IT Services will provide your business with the necessary security and authentication processes to keep your organization safe. As a second layer of user authentication, your employee’s cell phone numbers can be effective, because hackers often cannot retrieve both the cell phone password and the PIN.

4. Routinely Backup Data

Backing up any and all documents, spreadsheets, financial transactions, human resources notes, and various accounts is necessary. A backup system uses a backup frequency that has the ability to recover any documents uploaded effectively. Securely storing your information in a protected state with a restricted access barrier will help keep your company’s private data.

Most cybersecurity attacks are preventable, but only when a business is prepared. Micro Computer Consulting IT Support professionals will provide you with the most effective, modernized tools to prevent cybercrime, mitigate attacks, and guard against loss to your business. We have the expertise and intellect as the first line of defense against cyber hackers. Ready for optimal protection for your business? Call us today for a FREE consultation.

Oct 30, 2019 By Mccinc IT Consulting Toronto

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